About Me

Hello and Welcome,


I am Emma Folan and I trained as an Accredited KCR Practitioner in 2017 after experiencing the amazing benefits for myself. 


I had been in chronic pain for 7yrs after a fractured pelvis and coccyx left me in constant pain with only partial relief coming from steroid injections every few months.  Over that time, along with taking pain medication,  I had tried many treatments including acupuncture, physiotherapy, ultrasound, osteopathy, a chiropractor and sports massage all with varying levels of success but nothing came close to the relief I received from Kinetic Chain Release treatments.

For me, the relief really was life-changing, from allowing me to do simple things like being able to take my son to a movie and sit comfortably for the entire time to getting back in the saddle and enjoying my life long love of horse-riding without the need to take painkillers! 

Therefore as a result of personally experiencing the profound benefits of Kinetic Chain Release, I decided to train as a KCR practitioner so I could help others also experience the wonderful benefits for themselves.  

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